imani i1 Plus Hospital Grade Breast Pump with booster mode


imani i1 Plus Hospital Grade Breast Pump with booster mode


An amazingly quiet breast pump for new and expectant mothers looking for a deep and gentle pull, the imani i1 Plus features hospital-grade dual pumping output and a never-before-seen ‘booster mode’ that helps fully empty mom’s breasts to keep her milk supply up and active.

Includes a 2-year warranty from the date of purchase.

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Level up your pumping game

The imani i1 Plus also features an array of pump cycles and a suction pattern that mimics the experience of natural breastfeeding. Its two main cycles, massage and express, include multiple vacuums on each cycle with 12 options of breast pumping mode and six options of massage mode.


  • Massage Mode Cycle: 2 Levels

  • Breast Pumping Mode Cycle: 6Levels (30~80 times/min)

Suction / Pressure Level

  • Pressure in Massage Mode: 6 levels available 

  • Pressure in Breast Pumping Mode: 12 Levels available 50~270mmHg using double pump)

Need to pump at night?

i1 Plus also boasts of a soothing 2-level illumination night light and quiet, barely there hum, to accompany you in your pumping session.

All-new booster mode

The sleek, efficient breast pump has a useful bonus feature called Booster Mode.

The Booster mode is available in both cycle paths after reaching the last vacuum action, giving mom a deeper pull that gently expresses her milk. In this mode, the sub-pump delicately controls the breast pump’s suction in detail, without any loss of pressure. Whether pumping from one breast or both, this smart system maintains a constant pumping pressure so that there is consistent suction power.

Technical Details

Portable: No
Memory Function: Yes
Rechargeable:    Yes
With backflow prevention design:   Yes
Modes: 2 (Massage, Pump) + 1 (Booster)
Running time:  3.5 hours
Charging time: 3.5 hours
Auto-shutoff (in minutes): 30 minutes
Digital LED display: Yes
Smart Touch Panel: Yes
Night Light:
2-level illumination
Suction strength (mmhg): max at 320mmhg
Battery (mAh): 2000 mAh
Main pump weight: 1.35 kg
Charging cable: 15V 1.5A adapter

* Slight variations in color, translucency, texture are expected but do not affect the performance of the item.


Each i1 Plus Kit includes the following:

1 X Breast Pump (Battery-Powered), 2 X 5 oz/140 ml Bottle, 2 X Bottle Cap, 2 X Sealing Disc, 2 X Protector Cap, 2 X Protector, 2 X Valve, 1 X Air Hose Hub, 2 X Breast shield (24mm), 2 X Breast shield (28mm), 1 X Power Adapter

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