imani i2 Plus Wearable Breast Pump PA Single


imani i2 Plus Wearable Breast Pump PA Single


Pump anytime and anywhere you want.

The imani i2 Plus Wearable Breast Pump PA Single is designed to be compact, hands-free, and wearable that gives you the convenience to discreetly pump anytime and anywhere. It is conveniently hands-free for on-the-go pumping, operates quietly for discreet pumping, and offers gentle yet powerful suction for comfort. Perfect for moms who have an active on-the-go lifestyle.

This single electric pump is a reliable companion for parallel pumping: pump while nursing the baby on the other side. For the first time or new moms, use this pump to establish milk supply as milk removal creates new milk production.

Plus, the imani crystal-clear hands-free cup is made of Polyamide (PA), which is more heat-resistant, more durable, stronger, and clearer than essten, tritan and PP, designed for you to sterilize the cup the way you want via steam, UV, microwave, or dish dryer.

The warranty for the pump motor starts from the date of purchase: i2 Plus (1 year).

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How to assemble your i2 Plus

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