imani Hands-free Cup PA, 1pc


imani Hands-free Cup PA, 1pc


Sterilize your cup the way you want.

The imani Hands-free Cup PA is designed to be placed under your bra for hands-free, discreet and on-the-go pumping. It can connect directly to imani i2 Plus breast pump so that the whole unit fits under your bra, replacing your traditional flange and bottles when pumping! It can also connect to imani iBox OR i1 Plus via tubing (tubing not included and sold separately).

Plus, the imani crystal-clear hands-free cup is made of Polyamide (PA) so you can sterilize the cup the way you want via steam, UV, microwave, or dish dryer.

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  1. Hands-free and discreet
  2. Cup is made of Polyamide (PA) which is more heat-resistant, more durable, stronger, and clearer than essten, tritan and PP cups
  3. Crystal cup with volume markings and large hole for pouring milk
  4. Improved cup design preventing bra entanglement
  5. More sterilization options: steam, UV, microwave, or dish dryer
Each box includes the following:
  • 1x Protector (Silicone)
  • 1x Valve (Silicone)
  • 1x Clear Connector (PA)
  • 1x Clear Hands-free Cup 7oz/210mL (PA)
  • 1x Insert 21mm (Silicone)
  • 1x Flange 25mm (Silicone)
  • 1x White Cap (PP)
IMPORTANT: Read your manual for complete instructions

How to Wear

Step 1

Position breast shield over nipple correctly.

Step 2

Adhere tightly so there will be no gap between device and breast.

Step 3

Hold breast shield in place with your hand.

Step 4

After wearing the hands-free cup, squeeze and press the milk in correct posture.

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