imani i1 Plus breast shields


imani i1 Plus breast shields


– Replace the original part or store an additional set with imani breast shield set.
– For dual pumping, please purchase two. (Imani recommends replacing parts every 3-6months for optimal use.)
– Breast Shield: Made of PP
– Protector Cap: Made of PP
– Valve, Protector: Made of Silicone
– 1 set includes Breast Shield×1, Protector Cap×1, Valve×1, and Protector × 1
– Available in size: 24mm / 28mm

Component Sterilization:
– Sterilize accessories before using them for the first time
– Do not clean/sterilize the tube
– imani pump is a closed system pump, so you must never come into contact with breast milk
– Wash all parts with warm soapy water and rinse thoroughly

Caring for your imani breast shield kit:
1) Always disassemble all components before cleaning or sterilizing.
2) Wash with mild dishwashing soap and water. Rinse thoroughly.
3) Sterilize by submerging the breast shield kit in boiled water for no more than 3 minutes.
4) Air dry before assembly.

Reference: Do not sterilize accessories in boiling water for more than 5 minutes as prolonged exposure to heat may damage the accessories.

*** For maximum suction, parts like valve, cap must be replaced every 2-3 months, cups – every 4-6 months ***

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